Monday, October 26, 2009

For Today...October 26, 2009

Outside my Window...very dark, pouring rain and very windy. My little maple tree is starting to really turn color.

I thankful dear lovely friend at church who gave me a gift certificate for my favorite tea (I haven't had any for a very long time). What a sweetie she is!!

I am Remembering...the lovely Autumn themed tea party my friends (and sister) gave myself and another friend for our birthdays at our homeschool co-op!! Such fun!!

I am Creating...More Christmas gifts

I am grab a few things at the grocery store - I don't really want to go out - it's so stormy but we need a few things.

I am reading...My Utmost for His Highest

I am hoping...the cars get fixed soon - and that my husband doesn't get too overwhelmed in the process!!

On my Mind...Some projects for our new units in Science and History

From the Learning rooms...setting up time lines today - I think we will line the hallway with them

I am much colder it is - winter is right around the corner

I am pondering these Words..."What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith, but has no deeds?" James 2:14

From the Kitchen...Spaghetti and french bread tonight for dinner, hot dogs and red peppers for lunch.

Around the house...Oh!! I really need to sweep - fireplace fires and lots of extra teenagers in our home for the weekend got lots and lots of stuff on the floor!! I did get all the dust bunnies (monsters - really) swept out from under my bed this weekend. I know they couldn't be seen but it was nice to sleep knowing under the bed was all clean :0)

One of my favorite kisses!!! (and Eggnog!! - I found some in the store already - shoot - the diet is really down the drain now!!!)

A few plans for the Rest of the Week...not much - the cars are all sick - so we aren't going anywhere except very close to home.

A Picture I am Sharing...Rainy day, playdough fun:

Have a wonderful Monday!!

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Eevee said...

Awww..What a cutie! Love the picture thought.


Kimberly said...

Happy Belated Birthday~

Alexandra blew kisses to Esther ...enjoyed the pictures, and your messages, wish i had some Christmas gifts started...we have 3 more birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am feeling very behind...and i don't even want to think about the dust bunnies..i am trying to rest, and that is hard work...
Have a wonderful week, stay warm!!!Kimberly

trickysticks said...

We have Max bunnies. Who said Labradoodles don't shed? Ana was startled by one in the dark the other night and thought we had a rat in the house! Ha ha =) We should share an eggnog latte together soon==one of my favorite fall diet breakers!

BECKY said...

I sure would love to have you come visit and do Disney!! We'd have a blast!! Just tell me when!!

Well, I do have to say you lost me with the EGGNOG!!! WOOF!!! I can't handle the thick sweetness of it all!! But glad you have something to enjoy!! Great pic, too!!

Love and hugs to you!!
Hope your Friday and weekend are superb, and am praying for all your car stuff!!

Nancy M. said...

Came by to visit your sweet blog..through by friends blog the Vest family..Enjoyed your simple inspiring days..Blessings -Mrs. Musser