Thursday, April 26, 2012


My, did we have a grand time on our adventure!!  Exploring new places is always the first part of business on an adventure and that's just what we did.
 We found an old, working grist mill (that was not only super cool but amazingly beautiful)
 The people who run it give visitors fresh ground wheat or corn to try
This old covered bridge was part of the romance of this stop on our trip.
And of course - when on an adventure taking note of the animal life in the area is important!
As well as the plant life.
Observing the weather conditions is always necessary!
And...visiting an active volcano is always, always included in any good adventure!!!
Don't they look like good adventurers?

We visited Mt St Helens - a place that truly shows off the powerful hand of God!!!  Stunning in it's beauty and power!  We also hung out in a tiny town that we just fell in love with - they were having a tulip festival and Lilac Days at the same time - such fun.  The surrounding farmland was lovely and inspired us to think about where we want to raise the rest of our family - something we are praying about! :)  All in all a successful Adventure!!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012


We've had weeks  of illness and then after that just general  malaise this Spring (you can tell from the lack of blogging going on here :)!!)  

Soooo - we have decided that the best cure is ADVENTURE.  We are headed out to explore the Southern part of our state for a few days and it looks like the weather is going to be FABULOUS (a miracle around here!!!)  Can you tell I am excited?!!!

I will have lots of picture, stories and memories to record!!

See you in a few days!!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Headed Out

Packing to leave - getting things in order - taking care of details has been the main focus of our second born the last few days.  And as a result - the focus of the Dad and Mom of the the house too.  Although with many of the little ones still sick - a lot of my focus has been on on helping the poor little ones feel better, too. (But praise God - they woke up this morning just fine!!!)
The big day finally arrived and this morning Daniel put his stuff in the back of the van.
And off we went to the airport.
There we waited with him - until that difficult moment of saying goodbye.
We watched him go through security - and disappear into the depths of the airport that non-travelers are not allowed.
And off to Thailand he goes.  

My heart aches right now - which is something not uncommon to moms of older children, I'm sure!!  Goodbyes just are not fun.  But I know Daniel is seeking to follow God.  And while I am apprehensive because my Mama's heart is having a hard time letting go, I am excited for him.  Two days ago he turned 20 years old!!  I just don't know where the time went!!!  Somehow, here we are - just having sent him off to be a missionary to a foreign land - to work for God in a distant place.  My head and heart are having a hard time getting around the idea that he could possibly be old enough for this - and yet - he is.   And now - I am sooo looking forward to our next trip to the airport to pick him up - sometime - in 6 months or a year - only God knows that answer to that!