Friday, June 18, 2010

Why a Mama's Hair Turns Grey

A certain young man in our home made a phone call home this week that made my heart drop!!

"Mom, I've been in an accident!! I really messed up, Mom!!!"

He's fine. Passengers are fine. Other driver - fine. Other driver's car - not so good - but fixable. Our car on the other no longer runs - it will never run again. :0( Something inside is broken beyond repair.

Our insurance.... Our finances.... My mental state....- all questionable!!!

A moment of inattention. A second of eyes off the road. It happens. We still love him - we are still proud of him!!

But...I don't want anymore phone calls like that - it's making me turn grey!!!

(I didn't show all the damage because I don't know how to blur out the plate number - which is something a friend advised me to do)

We are going to play this weekend - nothing fancy - no place to be on time - no schedules - no noisy crowds - just peace and play!! All the chaos of the last few weeks has been fun - but we need peace and quiet and play!!!
Hope your weekend is blessed!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Day of Celebration!!!

What a wonderful day!!! The launching of our second young man into the adult world!! It was a wonderful graduation ceremony with the focus squarely on the purpose God has for each of these young people!! It was inspirational to listen to the talented students speak about the role God plays in their lives. This day gave me hope for the future!!

And after the Pomp and Circumstance hubby and I got to hand Daniel his diploma - which was an honor!!
(sorry for the fuzzy pic - it was the best my little camera could do)
At the reception (hoping my makeup was still on my face - there were some tears!!)
Then the party began - lots of friends, family and food!! We were blessed with fabulous weather (finally something over 65*!!) so picnic it was!!

Except for the teens who wanted to sit closer to the food :0)

For dessert I tried out the chocolate fountain that was given to us for Christmas - a festive way to end the day!! It was a hit!! Especially with the kids!! (and teens!!)
Messy but fun!!
All in all - a lovely, memorable, fabulous day spent celebrating the launch of a Godly young man into the adult world!! This is why we homeschooling parents keep doing what we are doing - passing on the things of God (with His help of course!!) Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Ready!!

Yesterday morning we all woke up to this!!!:
Waking up to sunshine - at last!! I ran around my garden to see what was going on:

We are back to rain today but very nice weather is predicted for the weekend and we are sooo glad. Excitement is building for a very important day in our family. Commencement exercises for our second son are on Saturday!!! Yay!!! We are so proud of him!!!
The Cap and gown are out - getting de-wrinkled and preparations are going on for a big family celebration following the big event. Dan is graduating with 56 other homeschooled kids in our area. It promises to be a wonderful event featuring the talents of these amazing kids and speeches by some very Godly men!!
A busy, busy week preparing for the launching of our young man into the adult world!! Wow!! I can hardly believe it is time!! (I'm also making sure I have a box of kleenex ready :0)!!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Quite Summer

We've had storm after storm roll through our area lately. Nothing like the storm that my friend Cinnamon blogged about but the typical Pacific Northwest storm that looks like this:
all day long for many days!!! Very chilly, grey and wet!!

The sun came out for a few minutes yesterday so I ran out and took a few pictures of my garden:
Yep - nothin'!!! It's just too wet!! :(
After talking about it with hubby I decided to let my garden lie fallow this summer - and spend the time amending my soil. I'm going to try and find a friendly farmer to share some of his animal manure (probably won't be too hard to persuade him!!) and add that and other goodies to my dirt to make it all nice and rich again!!

So what to do for someone that must get their fingers in the dirt? Well, I'm going to concentrate on my flower beds. They look pretty nice right now - from a distance:
But really, they have icky things like fungus problems and slugs - you know the kinds of things that like wet weather!

Thankfully, I have something new to keep me happy in the yard:
My new chicken coop:
And the ladies that live there:
Aren't they cute? We have nine chickens. Mrs. Chicken, Daisy, Stripey (pronounced Dripey by little man) and Brown Betty all live here along with five other lovely ladies that would be named if we could tell them apart :0)!! We are expecting eggs soon and we are so excited!!!
I would like to put up a sign on my coop but I am stumped when it comes to thinking up a cute name for it. I am looking for ideas - so if you have a cute name for a chicken coop just leave a comment.
Have a blessed weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pretend Monday

I haven't done a Daybook in a long time - Thought it was time to start again :0) Even though it's not Monday is sure feels like one around here so we're pretending it is - then we'll be pleasantly surprised when Friday rolls around sooner than expected!!

For Today...June 1, 2010

Outside my Window...My little maple tree is in full summer leaf and it's sooo pretty. The skies are dark with heavy rain clouds - we're having another January storm - here on the first day of June - crazy I tell you!!!!

I am Thankful for...our military men and women who are serving and have served to keep this country free!!!

I am Remembering...the short but lovely visit I had with my parents last week when they came for my niece's graduation.

I am Creating...a very pretty mobius style scarf with the yarn my son gave me for Mother's Day (he gave me a gift certificate to a local yarn store) Still making wintery things since the weather seems so wintery still :0)

I am finish up formal school with the kids this week (I hope!!!)

I am reading...the Psalms

I am Hoping...the weather clears up soon!!! We are just itching to spend more time outside - we have been dodging rain squalls to get out now!!!

On my mind...All the things I need to do for Dan's graduation

From the Learning Rooms...finishing up the Civil War and we just finished our science book today - yahoo!!!

I am Noticing...That my chicken's voices have changed - they no longer peep - they cluck!! I'm expecting eggs sometime in July.

From the Kitchen...I am in the worst menu slump!! I need help thinking up meals - if anyone has good ideas - I'm open!!!

Around the House...just general cleanup - the bathrooms need my attention and I need to do some decluttering.

One of my favorite things...loooonnnnggg spring evenings when the kids go out to play after dinner and hubby and I walk around the yard together and visit - ohhh we need this rain to stop!!!

A few plans for the rest of the Week...get end of year paperwork done for the school district (so they know I'm a responsible homeschool mom :0)!!)

A picture to Share...Es playing in the sand a few weeks ago - she LOVES sand play - we're going to come up with a sandbox for her - she'll sit for hours playing in it!

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