Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Ready!!

Yesterday morning we all woke up to this!!!:
Waking up to sunshine - at last!! I ran around my garden to see what was going on:

We are back to rain today but very nice weather is predicted for the weekend and we are sooo glad. Excitement is building for a very important day in our family. Commencement exercises for our second son are on Saturday!!! Yay!!! We are so proud of him!!!
The Cap and gown are out - getting de-wrinkled and preparations are going on for a big family celebration following the big event. Dan is graduating with 56 other homeschooled kids in our area. It promises to be a wonderful event featuring the talents of these amazing kids and speeches by some very Godly men!!
A busy, busy week preparing for the launching of our young man into the adult world!! Wow!! I can hardly believe it is time!! (I'm also making sure I have a box of kleenex ready :0)!!)


Cinnamon said...

Yes yes yes!! A huge box of Kleenex :-)


mommyx12 said...

Beautiful summer pictures. And congratulations on your graduate.

Fruitful Harvest said...

Wow your second son is graduating!
So bitter sweet!

Can you pass the kleenex please:(?

Your flowers look awesome!

Warm Blessings,

LLJ said...

: )
Congratulations to your son! : )
And you!

Yay, for sunshine!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! Love your flowers! They make me smile! Just like you do!!

Tell Dan congrats for me, ok? I know you're proud!! Time marches on, huh??

Have a delightful Sunday, and know how much joy I get from our visits!!
Love you,

Lady Farmer said...

Hi Christine!
Wanted to come by and say hello, and say thanks for dropping by my place. It is always so fun to *meet* new friends from WA!

Wow! Eight children! You are one busy Mamma! Your family is beautiful ~ handsome boys and lovely sweet girls! Congratulations on your second son's graduation! Goodness! You just don't look old enough to have 8 kids and two of them graduated!

I took a peek at a couple of previous posts. Yes! What's with this crazy rainy weather all spring? Just today I put in a few things in the garden but am not expecting much to come of it.
Your chickens are so cute! I have had chickens forever and just enjoy their silly antics and personalities! And those eggs!
A couple of ideas for the name of the coop ~ (Coope de Ville was already mentioned) Martha Stewart named hers Palace d' Poulet. I've dubbed my the Happy Hens Haus! I have read some clever ones but just can't think of them. If inspiration strikes, you'll be the first to know! ;~P
Hope you enjoyed our two days of summer ~ I hear it is supposed to rain the rest of the week. :~{

Happy Times said...

Congratulations to your son, and to his happy mama!

Camille said...

Just hopped over from another blog where we both left comments. Lovely to "meet" you! I know of what you speak regarding the weather...I live in BC...Lower Mainland ~ and we usually have the same weather as Seattle. :)

How fun that your son can graduate with other homeschool kids! That's great!! We homeschool our family and graduation is not too far off for our oldest. How amazingly quick the time flies hey? :)