Monday, March 22, 2010


I will admit this morning to a great deal of disappointment over the change in direction our country took last night when Congress voted!! I have a lot of doubt that our tax dollars won't be funding the deaths of tiny babies!! I am fearful that the new taxes and higher insurance premiums will directly impact our family and make life very difficult for our children in the future!!

But I have faith that all of this is no surprise to our Heavenly Father!! He is my assurance!! My shepherd!! My real leader!! He will take care of us - far better than any government can!!! I can rest in that!!!

by the Newsboys

Father, blessed Father
Lead and guide us for Your name's sake
And keep us in the shelter of Your presence
'til we see Your face

Let us hear what You say
Let us know Your voice and all of Your ways
Take our hands, lead us home
To the refuge that we find in You alone

All adoration
To our Lord Redeemer
To our Shepherd
Who carries us forevermore

A picture of quite a few years ago - before sweet Essie - A picture of childlike rest!!!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Girl!!!

My sweet, toothless 6 year old had a birthday and now she's a sweet toothless 7 year old!!

A butterfly cake for my butterfly girl!!
And then a trip to Build a Bear for her very own build-a-bunny! She is crazy in love with her birthday bunny. What a fun time - letting her pick out her own squishy baby to love!!
Our Abbie girl is such a gift from God - with all her she mommy traits she already has. I know God has a wonderful plan for sweet Abbie!!!
Happy Birthday Honey-girl!!!
Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Oh my goodness, what a week it has been!!! It feels like this week has lasted three weeks and it's only Wednesday!!! Hubs and I had a huge decision to make - that while a blessing to have to do - was complicated and difficult. Naughty little children and sassy big ones (yes, my kids do have their moments - gasp!!) coupled with lack of sleep have made my days long. I have struggled to bring my stress to God and have been threatened with overwhelming anxiety. Sigh - I wish I was better at handling the crazy times!!

So because I have struggled to have something nice to say I decided to post pictures that would remind me to count my blessings!!

A future veggie garden - ahhh!!! The joys of playing in the dirt!!!!
A new project (although in the store with bad lighting these colors looked so much better together - I took that blue row off after I snapped this picture). So, even if the colors aren't working just yet - keeping my hands busy is good for my churning brain!!
My baby weeping cherry tree is enjoying her first Spring in my front garden!!
An adorable puppy we took care of for a couple of days this week - so cute!! And she did cure my urge for a puppy - for which my husband is very grateful!!! Abbie was enchanted with her until she pottied in the house and then commented that puppies are a lot of work :0)!!! She was a wonderful, perky distraction!!!
Did you get yours? My, the government wants a lot of information!! This will keep my busy for a while!!!
A new mug to sip my coffee (for only $1!!) Why does my coffee taste so much better in a pretty mug?
Making cookies together - what a great team!!!!
The resident, assistant pastry chef. We have a birthday coming up - so I needed this critical help with the cake decorating!!
Well, these pictures have certainly helped me count my blessings!!! My life is so richly blessed!!! God is good and I am able to go to sleep every night knowing my children have full tummies and a warm place to lay their head!! When I slow down and take a breath and put myself aside and God first (where he is supposed to be) I know without a doubt He is good!!!
P.S. And as I sit here at my computer typing this out, I am being serenaded by the most wonderful frog songs - Spring has arrived!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Field Trip

A field trip to the local feed store was on the calender for today:
To check out these sweet creatures that just arrived:

We added a few to our family - three Araucanas and three Red Stars to be exact. Aren't they cute?!!!
They are already well loved!!! Names will be announced (at the moment, I am vetoing names like Batman and Iron Man - they are girls after all!!!)

After several years without chickens I am super excited to be having them back in our family! Homegrown eggs are the BEST!!! We will be adding six more as the feed store gets more varieties in over the Spring for an even dozen!!