Monday, March 22, 2010


I will admit this morning to a great deal of disappointment over the change in direction our country took last night when Congress voted!! I have a lot of doubt that our tax dollars won't be funding the deaths of tiny babies!! I am fearful that the new taxes and higher insurance premiums will directly impact our family and make life very difficult for our children in the future!!

But I have faith that all of this is no surprise to our Heavenly Father!! He is my assurance!! My shepherd!! My real leader!! He will take care of us - far better than any government can!!! I can rest in that!!!

by the Newsboys

Father, blessed Father
Lead and guide us for Your name's sake
And keep us in the shelter of Your presence
'til we see Your face

Let us hear what You say
Let us know Your voice and all of Your ways
Take our hands, lead us home
To the refuge that we find in You alone

All adoration
To our Lord Redeemer
To our Shepherd
Who carries us forevermore

A picture of quite a few years ago - before sweet Essie - A picture of childlike rest!!!!



LLJ said...

I love your picture! Yes, we can rest in our Jesus!
My blog post was of similar reflection.


Kimberly said...

loved the pictures, the 19th was my mothers' birthday, and grannys the 24th. Hope all is well, and your anxiety better. Life, can be such a struggle, i always remind Ben, they don't call it a valley of tears for nothing.

Happy Easter,