Monday, March 1, 2010

A Field Trip

A field trip to the local feed store was on the calender for today:
To check out these sweet creatures that just arrived:

We added a few to our family - three Araucanas and three Red Stars to be exact. Aren't they cute?!!!
They are already well loved!!! Names will be announced (at the moment, I am vetoing names like Batman and Iron Man - they are girls after all!!!)

After several years without chickens I am super excited to be having them back in our family! Homegrown eggs are the BEST!!! We will be adding six more as the feed store gets more varieties in over the Spring for an even dozen!!


BECKY said...

This sure brought back some great memories, gal! My inlaws owned a local feed store that I kept the books for and hubby managed, and my girls always looked forward to the new chicks!! Sure wish we could keep some chickens and have fresh eggs!!

The kids look like they are so tickled with them. I love seeing the world through a child's eyes!!

Sending love and hugs from Florida!!

Cinnamon said...

That sounds so fun~ Great for the kids too~


M Hastings said...

What sweeties!