Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st!!

I haven't blogged much lately. We've been ever so busy!! Life has been so good - but a whirlwind just the same!!

While we are busy with all our children - one in particular has been using much of our spare time. He is at the stage of life where there are a ton of activities and momentous changes in his life. Today is that young man's birthday. Daniel is 18 years old today. All those years ago when I called my friends and family to let them know he had arrived they all laughed and said "April Fool's!!"

He has been anything but a fool, though!! He is a wise, Godly young man with a passion to share Jesus. We are so proud of him. Our time has been busy because this young man is graduating high school in a few short weeks and that has required many meeting with our homeschool co-op. Big changes!! Daniel has also needed counsel and guidance to make it to Eagle Scout!! Yay!!! He did it!!! Our family now boasts 2 Eagle Scouts - what an accomplishment these boys have done!!!

Anyway, I'm rambling - but I wanted to say Happy Birthday Daniel!!! We are so proud of you and I know God has great plans for you!!!


BECKY said...

Hi Christine, Please tell Daniel Happy, Happy Birthday, and congratulations on making EAGLE!!! That is SO awesome. My nephew made Eagle about 10 years ago, and we were so proud of him. He, too, is a bright, godly young a husband, father and working at the Pentagon.

Hallelujah! We serve a risen Savior, He's in the world today!!
May your Easter be a time of reflection on the goodness and sacrifice of our loving God, and filled to overflowing with JOY!!

Love ya, gal!!

mommyx12 said...

Happy birthday to your Daniel. How wonderful that he has gotten his eagle scout award. I have 2 boys right now in the process. It's a lot of work!!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Christine!! Jut popping by to tell you I am thinking of you and yours, and hoping your Easter is full of love and the joy of our risen Savior!!

Love ya lots!

BECKY said...

Oh and a computer-savvy friend said to make sure you delete these foreign comments. They are spam and they increase their page ranking if you leave them there!!

Simply Stork said...

oh happy day :o)