Monday, April 19, 2010

Out to Play

Enjoying warm sunshine seems to be something enjoyed by many creatures!!

Little girls:
Big girls:
Medium girls:
And this creature that I almost stepped on in our backyard yesterday!!! :
And yes my son is wearing it around his neck!!! Amazingly enough, this beautiful creature was greeted with joy (after my initial shriek of alarm that caused my husband to drop his hammer and come to see what all the noise was about!!!)

The snake is well known to us and loved by us. Her name is Delilah and Daniel has raised her from the time she was the size of a small earthworm.

Over a year ago she escaped her glass home and we never saw her again - much to our dismay - some of which had to do with the idea of coming across a large snake unexpectedly (like at the bottom of my bed when I jump in for the night) or smelling her from some unfound corner after she met her demise. Ewww!!!

Anyway we never found her and we sadly assumed she was dead - after all a snake raised on non-living (okay - dead and frozen) mice can't really go hunting for herself right?

Wrong!!! There she was - sunning herself in the back yard - perfectly healthy and bigger!!!

She was gently caught and put back into her glass home - for I am not keen on that kind of surprise again!! Us Western Washington natives are not at all used to coming across large colorful reptiles unexpectedly - and I hope to keep it that way!!

Welcome home prodigal snake - I am happy you are home - and I like you very much - IN your glass house. Please stay there!!!!

And yes, I do keep little mice in the freezer - the things we do for our kids!!!



Cinnamon said...

Amazing, she was probably hanging out in your yard the whole time. She must have missed you all :-)

Esther's hair is getting so long~


Amy said...

Ugh, I would have screamed too!!! I don't even like them in a glass case:)

Simply Stork said...

wow you found her??? how exciting...and whew!


LLJ said...

Oh boy, did you ever get me there! I even sorta jumped and I think my heart is pumping harder!
Well, I am glad you have your pet back where he belongs.
: )

Kimberly said...

You are brave, I hate anything that creeps, crawls or slithers...Kyle had a lizard once, it escaped, and ended up in the crib with Jonathan. It actually bit him...

When i found the lizard in bed with the baby...well you can imagine the echo...of me screaming Kyle...kind of like the time the tarantula was on the stairs...

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hmmmmm....not toooo thrilled with snakes around here....but I'm happy to see you found your pet!

I'm a Washingtonian too!

Warm blessings,