Friday, June 18, 2010

Why a Mama's Hair Turns Grey

A certain young man in our home made a phone call home this week that made my heart drop!!

"Mom, I've been in an accident!! I really messed up, Mom!!!"

He's fine. Passengers are fine. Other driver - fine. Other driver's car - not so good - but fixable. Our car on the other no longer runs - it will never run again. :0( Something inside is broken beyond repair.

Our insurance.... Our finances.... My mental state....- all questionable!!!

A moment of inattention. A second of eyes off the road. It happens. We still love him - we are still proud of him!!

But...I don't want anymore phone calls like that - it's making me turn grey!!!

(I didn't show all the damage because I don't know how to blur out the plate number - which is something a friend advised me to do)

We are going to play this weekend - nothing fancy - no place to be on time - no schedules - no noisy crowds - just peace and play!! All the chaos of the last few weeks has been fun - but we need peace and quiet and play!!!
Hope your weekend is blessed!!


BECKY said...

Oh Christine! I am sooo glad everyone is ok!! Praise God!

All 3 of our older daughters have been in wrecks...the first one was when Sam (the oldest) had only been driving 2 1/2 months. A drunk guy hit her in the rear at 55 mph when she was sitting still. The car was totaled but we were so thrilled she was fine! The other two weren't as dramatic, but sure rattle your nerves, huh?

So thrilled that God IS where we cannot be. I am praying for your car situation!!

Have a wonderful, restful weekend! I have some kind of little cold bug that is keeping me operating at about 60%. Hopefully all better by Monday!

Love you!!

Cinnamon said...

Oh no :-( Nerve racking to be sure! But so glad everyone is okay~

Your wknd plans sound wonderful. We are spending our wknd watching the sky. Severe thunder storms are all over the next few days. We've already had a few dark swirling clouds but then they just whooshed away :-)


mommyx12 said...

Oh I'm sorry. That kind of thing is no fun at all. So good no one was hurt. Car's can be replaced and repaired a lot easier than people. Praise the Lord.

Kimberly said...

so relieved your son and all involved were not injured. same type of thing happened to our Kyle a few years back. He hydroplaned off a very nasty stretch of road, and my new car ended up down a 6ft. gulley..he walked away, car not so lucky..i was so mad at him when i got the phone call, and when we got to the scene i almost fell to my knees he missed 2 enormous trees by inches, and would have been seriously injured or possibly killed..sometimes it is hard to be the mama..that same Kyle got married Fri. we have some pictures up on facebook..hope your weekend was uneventful