Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If I had been blogging.....

Our computer received the lovely "Blue Screen of Death" since the last time I blogged which caused an unplanned blogging vacation. After much fiddling around with it my hubby has me back on the computer - not completely sure it's fixed but at least all is backed up so that if this silly thing goes really bad I haven't lost my pictures!!

So...If I had been blogging the last couple of weeks I would have mentioned the number 273. Why is the number 273 significant? Well...back near the beginning of my bloggy break we finally got two days that reached the 75* mark. It had been 273 days since we had temps outside get to 75*!!! Those two days we went and celebrated by doing this:
and this: Yes, the weather got a bit warm and we had to dig up my garden and plant. I just couldn't leave it :0) So we'll see how it does - the latest we've ever planted - for sure!!!
The weather went right back to rainy and cold - so if I was on the computer I would have written about the closets I cleaned and the sewing I've done:My new kitchen windows - I'm so happy with them!!!
All the crocheting on my summer project would probably have made it on the computer as well:

The lovely blue jars I found at a garage sale to add to my collection would most certainly have been posted!!

And since I'm back I will mention that all of a sudden the weather has gone from rainy and low 60's to the eighty's in a day!! The pool is getting put up and my lawn chair is out, ready to spend some time playing and soaking up some much needed Vitamin D!!!
We have had so much fun playing and enjoying this summer so far!!! But having the sun out now will make the celebration of summer that much more fun!!!!


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! So glad you're back! My computer crashed today and probably won't get fixed until next week. I am on my daughter's mac. Nice to have a back-up, but can't access my pics here. Oh well. A forced blogging break...must need it!

YAY for your warm weather! We have plenty of it down here, and I love it more every year. We were going to go to the beach today, but just have too much to do.

Love your pics of your summer fun and the garden. Praying that it yields a bountiful harvest for you!!

I have some of those old jars, too, and one that is a bit more rare. Just love them!!

Your crochet is so pretty. I have been working on things for my upcoming Etsy shop! WOOHOO! Can't wait! Hopefully, if these health issues aren't serious, it will be open no later than the middle of August.

Gotta run! Have a joyful day, sweetie !!
Love n hugs,

Cinnamon said...

Well I knew you were there somewhere :-)

What fun you have been having. The beach visit looked so fun. We miss the beach!

I love your garden area!

And you've done so much. Such creativity flowing through there!

How's that little Esther girl? I bet she's not so little anymore.

Good to hear from you~ Cinnamon