Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Closet

When I reorganized my closet a few weeks back I was so happy with the result!  I had a clean, uncluttered space that had a door that I could shut - with unused floor space (how often do you find that in a smaller house crammed with 10 people? :0)!! )

The next day - hiding from the kids needing a break - I found myself in my closet with the door shut and I had an inspiration.  I have always wanted a place to have my devotions.  A quiet place where I can be alone.  And here it is - in my closet!!!
I got a big puffy pillow to sit on - a pretty smelling candle for the shelf and a basket to hold my pens, highlighters and my glasses and Tu-Dum!!  My very own prayer closet!!  Now I am more thrilled than ever with my closet reorganization!!     
And I am making good use of it these days!!!



Valerie said...

What an amazing idea! I wish I had a closet I could do that with. My closet is big, but not big enough to not feel like I'm stuck in a hole. :) Maybe a bit claustrophobic or something. :) Enjoy your prayer closet! What a wonderful gift to yourself. :)

The Mayo Family said...

I love it!
Now how about some other tips on 10 people in a lil-home!
I love to hear idea's!
How is your son doing?

mommyx12 said...

I love my closet. Mine is huge with hardly nothing in it and I love to go in their for quiet time. I do have a crib mattress on the floor though and I suppose I could sit on that!!

Kimberly said...

I cleaned my closet before the wedding..Lola discovered it pulled all my shoes off the shelves playing dress up..and it is in worse shape after her visit than when i started..if it wasn't about 110 in my closet, i would try again. That project will have to wait until it cools off.

Kimberly said...

please offer up a prayer, for the safe return of my girls..the church bus they rented broke down outside of Baton Rouge..they still aren't home..the church group has rented 2 15 passenger vans to get all the girls home..i know they are all safe, but i will feel so much better when i get my arms around them, they have been gone 10 days..