Thursday, July 15, 2010

Curve Balls

I had a completely different post planned for today. is unexpected. Last evening quite out of the blue, Daniel (our 18 year old) had a grand mal seizure. It was a long one - and he experienced quite a long period of amnesia afterwards. The fire truck and aid car helped out and after a trip to the ER and lots of testing he was sent home with a referral to a neurologist.

We know there is no brain tumor or anything of that nature - we don't know if there is anything else - so the specialist will let us know about that. We do suspect it may be a combination of lack of sleep, an energy drink he had with a friend and maybe some other factors that just made his brain go crazy. The thing with seizures is that there is no real way to tell what causes them sometimes.

Because this happened in front of several of our younger kids there has been lots of comforting and snuggling going on today. Grand mal seizures are very dramatic and scary to witness and since it happened at church there were lots of panic stricken teens about. The event actually was pretty chaotic.

We strive to lead a quiet life. I tell my kids the goal is to stay off the 6 o'clock news (which thankfully we did last night :0)!!!) I don't really do well with drama of any kind. The last few months we have become too acquainted with the ER - yucky stress - but last night was ickier than we've had - Hubby and I very worried (of course) - scared kids at home (of course) - but on top of that was a bunch of hysterical teenagers milling around. Wowie!!!

There is lots to be thankful for - Dan wasn't driving when it happened, that he wasn't alone, that there is nothing but his weird teenage boy brain in his head and probably many more things I can't even see right now!!

God is good and He is in charge and I'm so glad! But I am wondering...When does this Mama get a rest?!!!

P.S. Energy Drinks are forever banned for my kids!!!!!! :0)


mommyx12 said...

Too scary. I hope the doctors can get to the bottom of this. Most likely though it was just a freak thing. Keep us posted and we will be praying.

We had an experience last year where our son got his hand caught in the log splitter and hubby didn't know the extent of the damage because he didn't want to take his (son) glove off. There was just a lot of blood seeping through. He had all the kids with him in the woods and he ran them into the house, yelled out he had an accident with the log splitter and Aaron and was on his way to the ER. The other kids just cried and cuddled for hours waiting to find out how it all went. Scary!!

I agree, when does mama rest?
Be blessed,

Cinnamon said...

Oh Christine!! Poor guy! I am praying for God's complete healing and peace. How is he now? He must have been a little freaked out by the whole thing too?

Praise the Lord you were in church and he wasn't alone driving. God is good~

hugs, Cinnamon

BECKY said...

Oh Christine! I know this had to be upsetting, but also know that God will take care of it all. :o) He is so good like that! Praying that everything comes up clear, and that it doesn't happen again.

I witnessed a grand mal seizure in high school, and it is frightening indeed.

Praise God that he wasn't injured.
And rest for the Mom of 8? I didn't get much with 4!! I don't know how you do it, gal!! You're pretty amazing!!

Love you and praying you have a drama free week!! :o)
Love ya,