Monday, July 19, 2010


My chicken coop is one of my favorite things!!  I love my chickens.  They are so quirky and goofy!

Each chicken has such a unique personality - just like people.  They aren't the smartest creatures on earth but that just adds to their charm and there is a reason the phrase "you're a chicken" refers to being afraid!!  They are so flighty it's funny!!
But we have chickens for another reason besides entertainment - and my girls have grown up from cute little chicks and are now doing their job!!!
I'm so happy - we are now getting eggs!!!  Not 9 a day yet - just one or two as each hen is learning how to do it.  But soon we will be having an abundance of yummy, wholesome organic eggs!!

I think that's why I love my chickens so much - and why I love my garden too - knowing my work is making our backyard a place of provision for my family.  All the digging, weeding, feeding, watering, straw pitching, seed planting, composting is actually feeding my children.  It is such a great feeling to put a salad on the table for dinner that was grown in the garden or to  pull some green beans from the freezer in the winter that came from the back yard during the summer.  Going out to the coop and getting eggs and bringing them in to scramble for breakfast or put into some baked goods is so wonderful!!   And to know it was all grown without hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or chemicals is the very best!!  I can't help but praise God every day for the satisfying job he has given me!!

Update on Daniel:  He seems to be doing very well since his seizure.  After a day of every muscle being very sore and a very bad headache (probably from banging his head very hard on the pavement repeatedly) he is back to normal.  He is seeing a neurologist tomorrow morning - so we will have more information soon.  Thank you for your prayers - they are so appreciated!!!



Amy said...

Love the story about your eggs and your garden! Can't wait to see pictures of your abundance :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I love my girls too~
But they are in trouble today. They ate all my red tomatoes. Oh ~I am so not happy with them.
Hope you are having a great evening~

Fruitful Harvest said...

I too love my chickens and garden~

I had 3 chickens but my new dog got to 2 of them when I was not home!

It makes me very sad:) about the whole thing!

I will keep your son Daniel in my prayers!

Peace and Love,

Cinnamon said...

Glad to hear Daniel is doing better. What a scare he had :-0

Love the chickens, the coop and the fun of gathering them. Every year I say "let's do chickens" but I've yet to put it all together.