Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Even though we've had less than a stellar gardening season here I still need to get out and dig in my garden - it's an urge I just can't resist. Although my garden is very late and puny for late July - I still feel the need to take care of it.

I noticed the weeds were taking root the other day - lots of them!!
So I got out my handy dandy weeding tool and went at it:
And it began to look tons better.
While I weed my gardens my mind almost always goes down the same path. I usually think about how - if I don't get the weeds while they are small they will be much more difficult to get later and how they will multiply if I ignore them and how they will choke out the good veggies I have planted.

Then I think about the "weeds" that grow in my own life - the sins that want to grow in my heart - "weeds" of anxiety, worry, discontent, gossip etc. I think about how they will grow (and in some cases have grown) until they are difficult to remove. How they will choke out the good things that God wants me to grow. Then I end up praying in my garden that God will show me what nasty things are growing in my life and that He will help rid them and replace them with His goodness.
I used to think that weeds were awful and they served no purpose - but now I think otherwise - at least in my garden they serve to remind me of the state of my heart and they drive me to Him. That's a pretty neat purpose in my book!!!
Well - in my walk through my garden beds this morning I noticed some weeds I missed last time are getting bigger fast and it's time to plant some Fall harvest crops - broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Swiss chard - so it's out to the garden for me.
Oh, before I go - an update on Daniel: He did see a neuologist for his seizure and the results were pretty much what we expected - the cause is not known. There are probably many different factors when all put together caused this brain to react. He did recommend further testing which we have decided to pursue - beginning next week. Dan is also not allowed to drive for 6 months per state law (which is probably the hardest thing EVER for an 18 year old boy!!!) So for now we are just hoping this was a one time event and praising God that he seems just fine!!

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