Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Quite Summer

We've had storm after storm roll through our area lately. Nothing like the storm that my friend Cinnamon blogged about but the typical Pacific Northwest storm that looks like this:
all day long for many days!!! Very chilly, grey and wet!!

The sun came out for a few minutes yesterday so I ran out and took a few pictures of my garden:
Yep - nothin'!!! It's just too wet!! :(
After talking about it with hubby I decided to let my garden lie fallow this summer - and spend the time amending my soil. I'm going to try and find a friendly farmer to share some of his animal manure (probably won't be too hard to persuade him!!) and add that and other goodies to my dirt to make it all nice and rich again!!

So what to do for someone that must get their fingers in the dirt? Well, I'm going to concentrate on my flower beds. They look pretty nice right now - from a distance:
But really, they have icky things like fungus problems and slugs - you know the kinds of things that like wet weather!

Thankfully, I have something new to keep me happy in the yard:
My new chicken coop:
And the ladies that live there:
Aren't they cute? We have nine chickens. Mrs. Chicken, Daisy, Stripey (pronounced Dripey by little man) and Brown Betty all live here along with five other lovely ladies that would be named if we could tell them apart :0)!! We are expecting eggs soon and we are so excited!!!
I would like to put up a sign on my coop but I am stumped when it comes to thinking up a cute name for it. I am looking for ideas - so if you have a cute name for a chicken coop just leave a comment.
Have a blessed weekend!!!


Fruitful Harvest said...

I love the tire swing and picket fence!

We have a 3 chickens and a few ducks!
Hummm.......a name for the chicken coop?

Not to original but The Hen House?
Or my hubby said, Coupe(coop) De Ville?

I can't wait for enough sun to put up the pool!

Warm Blessings,

PS Its not to late to plant some seeds!

LLJ said...

My husband would love for us to have a chicken coop.
Enjoy your flowers!


BECKY said...

Hi lovely friend!!

Can't wait to see your garden in all of it's glory!! And those new girls?? Adorable! Nothing like some good fresh eggs!!

Your home is so pretty, Christine!
Oh how I would love to come and sit awhile with you!!

Have a joyful week!!
Love n hugs,

Straining my brain for a name!!