Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autumn Decorating

I thought I post some pictures of my Fall decorations - all my little tables in my home have a bit of Autumn on them - I'll sprinkle some pretty leaves around as we find them - the leaves haven't really started falling around here yet.

An antique canning jar found at a garage sale for a dollar - already filled with Fall potpourri and an enamel wear bread bowl (also found at a garage sale for 50 cents) filled with squash and gourds.
To be frugal some of my Fall decorations are edible!! :0)

I won my Mr. Fall Turkey at a Women's Ministry Brunch years ago and my kids always love it when I bring him out every October. I found that pretty candle at the local thrift store for a dollar - I can justify burning that!!

I have seen some pictures of beautiful Fall tables with lots of pretty decorations but since our table is used so very much for school and meals for ten people I don't put too much on it - I do love my table runner - made by my Hubby's Aunt - and my pretty pumpkin - a very inexpensive thrift store find.

And my front porch has some temporary signs of the season on it right now. I haven't formally decorated my porch yet, but these buckets of apples arrived yesterday and I thought they looked kinda Fallish sitting there. Can you guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

I love adding special touches to my home to make it a comfortable, inviting place!! I love the challenge of doing it on a shoestring budget - it makes every decoration extra special because the treasure hunt is so fun!!!


BECKY said...

You delight my heart with your simplicity and your pretty fall touches! Love the big squash!! Edible decorations are always a good thing!!

Oh shucks!! More apples and no plane ticket! Bummer! Maybe next season!! :o)

Hope you have a good Thursday! Tomorrow is our 30th anniversary! I can hardly believe it. Looking forward to celebrating! Then Friday is hubby's 52 birthday! More celebration!

Love to you, sweetie! Have fun with your APPLES!!!

Cinnamon said...

Your home is beautiful and so are the people in it~

Thank you so much for sharing it with us~ Cinnamon

Kimberly said...

I hope to do a little more fall decorating, i started, but was interupted by sick children, that and the no water situation...maybe i will feel like it tomorrow.
Have a great weekend

Nancy M. said...

Just came by for a visit through the Vest family blog ( friends of mine)
I enjoyed your decorations for Fall esp the apples! We hope to get the orchard today...Have a wonderful Fall weekend. In Him, Mrs. Musser