Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Morning

For Today...October 12, 2009

Outside my Window...The sky is just getting light - the darkness is being chased away by brilliant color!!

I am Thankful for...God's grace!! Where would I be without it?!!! I am clinging to Him!! And so thankful He wants me too!!
I am Remembering...the wonderful sermon on Peace we had yesterday - it always amazes me that God always gives me words of encouragement right when I need them

I am Creating...Christmas gifts - I finally got the color situation worked out (thanks to my creative daughter) I changed the pattern I was doing and now am very happy with my project. I got a good amount done!!

I am Going...No where!!! We've ALL got colds and we are staying home!!!

I am Reading...Hebrews and an Agatha Christie

I am Hoping...that today is productive in spite of my cold - I've got tons to do!!

On my Mind...More than there ever should be - our limping appliances, our broken car and my children and how God is working in their lives (not in that order :0)!!)

From the learning rooms...I have so much preserving to do - apples, zucchini, tomatoes - it will be a home econ day today!!

I am noticing is COLD out!!!

Pondering these words... (still) Be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you. " Hebrews 13:5

From the Kitchen...Buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, left over roast and potatoes made into a pie for dinner.

Around the house...a quick tidy then taking care of all the produce

One of my Favorite things...crisp cold mornings!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...I not making many plans until these colds are better - everyone in the house at the same time!! Usually we do it in small groups - at least it will be done faster!!!

A picture I'm sharing with you...How I plan to preserve the zucchini - in loaves of bread for the freezer - can't beat taking a loaf out in January for breakfast or a snack!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!

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Angi (Mistress_of_Mayhem) said...

Dinner plans sound yummy! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Have a blessed week!

Fruitful Harvest said...

It is getting cold here in WA~
Great idea freezing the zuccinni bread!
I pray all is well with you all~


The Man Crew said...

Mmmm, zucchini fave!! Hope you all get to feeling better soon! Thanks for sahring your daybook, I enjoyed it! Have a great week!

BECKY said...

My second favorite bread is zucchini bread!! I can smell it from here...NO FAIR!!! Be sure and keep one in the freezer til I get there, ok??!! :o) I wish!

Have a joyful week, and I'll be praying for your appliances, your colds, and your kids...not necessarily in that order!! ;o)

Love ya,

Kimberly said...

The bread looks so good, and i love that you have a plan for your week. While i have "unquit" i am still in trench warfare, and decided this was the wrong week to give up Dr.Pepper and chocolate...
Praying for a speedy recovery

Patty said...

Enjoyed your daybook. That zucchini bread looks wonderful. Hope you and yours feel better soon.