Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Shower

My morning shower is like the morning cup of coffee is to others. I'm to the age where there is a slight creak to my bones when I get up. My nights are still not my own with many small children around - so the shower gets me going. Also, it is a place I can be alone - supposedly!!
This morning...
"Mommy my toe feels funny!""
"Mommy, ___ is bothering me!"
"Mommy,______took my batman!"
"Mommy what are we having for breakfast?"
"Mommy do you know where my sweatshirt is?"
and last "Mommy here's Esther - she wants to visit you."

My bathroom had a revolving door today!! And the last half of my morning routine was very speedy as my littlest tried to dismantle the bathroom.

I gave a gentle reminder later, "Unless your HAIR IS ON FIRE or a LIMB HAS FALLEN OFF don't bother Mommy while she's showering!"

I thought about suggesting they go tell the teenage boys their problems while I'm in the shower but decided that would be too mean - waking one of those early in the morning is like sending them into a den of bears!!

I think I'm switching to caffeinated coffee for the morning!!
Hope your morning is wonderful!! :0)


BECKY said...

I may never have had as many children as you, (though I do have 4 more in heaven!! What a joy to think about!) BUT...I definitely know where you're coming from!! There were days I just wish I could have had 5 minutes alone!! But then, of course, we adore them, too! I think you're on the right track with your announcement! If I don't want to be disturbed I always have an announcement and it's almost always respected!!

Love to you! Have a great evening!

sister said...

Your post made me smile, just wanted you to know!

Cinnamon said...

What a lovely lady you are with an awesome family!

Thank them all for praying for Gunnar. He's doing much better but still on he mend~

Hugs~ Cinnamon

Kimberly said...

I have days just like that, and thought i had solved the problem by locking the door, i didn't figure on Sean picking the lock, and Alexandra joining me fully clothed in my shower. The life of a mother...Oh for a shower...