Friday, October 2, 2009

Prayer, Please!!!

Just a really quick post to ask for prayer for my friend Cinnamon and her family!! If you recall I had mentioned that her son Gunnar was not feeling well when he left our home on Monday.

Well, the reason he was unwell was that he was fighting a case of appendicitis!! The family made it halfway home when he became really sick and ended up in the hospital for surgery. Thankfully they are staying with some wonderful friends who are able to see to all their comforts.

But Gunnar has now developed an infection and could not leave the hospital when they hoped. So Cinnamon and her family are still halfway home and really need prayer for healing and rest!!!

Please pray for them as we head into the weekend!!!


Kimberly said...

You have been so productive, and look at Esther...Alexandra loved all the new pictures of "her baby" Said a little prayer for your friends, hope they make it home soon..

Have a great weekend!!!

BECKY said...

I can't believe this! Do you know what type of infection? I have a good friend that was just forced backed to being a nurse because of her hubby's job loss, and she just looked at me real seriously and said, "Becky, whatever you do don't get sick". That is a sad statement with regards to our hospitals. I've been praying, sweetie. I can't imagine having to deal with this in a strange town on top of it all.
Keep us posted.

Simply Stork said...

I have added her and her family to our prayer list...poor thing!


trickysticks said...

I am going to guess (since we went through this with Nate), that his appendix actually burst and that is the source of the infection. It is very serious, but with a few days in the hospital on hard core antibiotics, he will be fine. Tough to have it happen on the road. Those pesky appendixes....they don't serve any purpose except to turn upside down the lives of families when they decide to malfunction.
How old is Gunnar?

Fruitful Harvest said...

I will pray~