Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Relying on God

We have lots to be thankful for in our home!! I am amazed how much we have that I forget to be thankful for - until it's gone. Maybe that's what's going on in our home right now. Maybe we are being taught to be thankful again - the hard way - but still being taught. I don't know for sure but somethin' is going on!!

Right now it seems like there is not much more that can break around here.

The dishwasher gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago - the parts to fix it cost almost the price of a new one. We're washing by hand. And you know what - I must admit - I'm learning to be more efficient - making less of a mess when I'm cooking because I'm thinking more about the cleanup!!

The washing machine is on it's last legs - I have to manually turn the dial to get it to move to the next cycle - the new part my husband put in over the weekend didn't fix it - soo we have laid hands on it and prayed :0)!! The other part that now we know needs replaced costs well over the amount we should put into a ten year old machine. I hope we don't have to wash our clothes on rocks in the nearby stream!!! I'm keeping well up on the laundry just in case it dies - we won't be out of clothes :0)!!

My hubby's commuter car had a little accident with a curb when my teenage boy was driving the other day (no he wasn't speeding or fooling around - he got the quiz from me and passed!!) and it is sidelined. His back-up pickup (the 50 year old one used for hauling fertilizer and dirt for my garden) had it's water pump go out on it's first day pressed into service as a commuter car.

And yesterday - believe it or not - our family van developed a major leak - I have been instructed to leave it in the driveway. Shucks - no more gallivanting around town while my kids are doing their math!! (You know I do that all the time - hee hee hee)

I'm not listing these things to whine (although there is part of me that wants to). I am trying to see some light. I am thankful my oldest son had enough money to purchase his first car a couple of weeks ago. He can still get to school and work. I am thankful that the ancient $400 car that my hubs bought for the kids to drive still works and he hasn't called me to pick him up from the side of the road (not that I can now anyway!!).

I am thankful every time I pull a load of clean clothes out of the washer!!! I am thankful every time my children wash the dishes without complaining - and they do (not complain - that is)!!! And I'm thinking that this might be a super great time to be stuck at home - the flu seems to be swirling around everywhere!!! So I am truly not complaining!!

I just am remembering to be thankful for all I have - which is so much more than I deserve. God is a good God and all of this is temporary. Sometimes a nuisance and maybe even troublesome but I know He can and will provide for our needs. It will be miraculous when all these things are fixed!! We right now can not possibly do this ourselves - there is simply no way. Which leaves it all up to God. It's really nice place to be when you think about it - relying on God!


Tricia said...

Sorry about all the break downs but thanks for the reminder to be thankful. Just today, after cleaning up what I would call an imaginative mess in my laundry room I muttered, oh my, what am I going to do with these children? To which my 7 year old who heard me said simply.....kiss them!!

Cinnamon said...

Ugh, all that broken down? Makes me tired just thinking about all the extra you have to do.

But what a great attitude you have, being thankful. And you are sooo right, God wants us to be where we have to completely rely on God.

I am praying for answers to your needs right now.....

"God thank you for these sweet sweet friends. They are right in your hands, looking up to you for your blessing upon them. You know their needs, problems and all their broken things which they need fixed. But more important than those appliances/cars is their hearts which you want. If this draws them closer to YOU! then Praise the Lord!! Draw them near, let your light shine in them and Lord please send them help so that they can see it's all from YOU! In Jesus Christ's name I pray~ Amen!!

Hugs~ Cinnamon

A Gracious Home said...

I'm sorry you have so many things happening and I hope next week they will turn into praise reports. Your children are so cute. Doylene

Amy said...

Thank you! I hope things get better soon. This has helped me to be more thankful and not take things for granted in which I often do. Have joy in the little things...thanks for the reminder!

Kimberly said...

My dishwasher died 2 years ago, and has not made it to the top of the list of what is needed yet...i will pray for you and your washing machine, this is a story, i know all too well...

Have a great week, and don't get the flu, we are in round 2...Christian is sick now.