Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today I got the privilege of having my lovely daughter - who is taking cake decorating classes - make my birthday cake!! What a delightful thing to have - a yummy cake made by such a beautiful young lady!!!

She planned the whole thing: Yellow cake (my favorite) with chocolate filling - of course (what mommy doesn't like chocolate?!!)

Yellow frosting - my favorite color.
With the decorations there were three different kinds of frostings!!!
What a yummy cake and a wonderful evening given to me by my family!!! I am truly blessed!


Cinnamon said...

Well Happy Birthday!!! Your cake looks beautiful btw! Good job girlie~


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you had a great day and God bless your daughter for doing such a wonderful job! :o)

Anonymous said...


How sweet of your daughter to do something so thoughtful and yummy for her mommy...


Amy said...

Happy Birthday! Sweet of her to make this for you. Looks yummy!

BECKY said...

How wonderful!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet friend!! I hope it is full of joy and laughter and all manner of wonderful things!! Celebrating in my heart with you!!

Have a joyful weekend!!
Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to have kids old enough to make your cake? That's the best! Go Ruthie!

Tricia said...

Cake looks yummy. A job well done. Happy birthday to you.