Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Along with Autumn comes pumpkins, squash and APPLES!! We had an applesauce making day at our home this week. Everyone had a job:
Our apple carrier:
Cooking down the apples (some of the batches included some rhubarb from my freezer that we weren't eating up) :
Putting the apples through the Foley Food Mill is sticky work!!
Milling makes for tired shoulders so we had several shifts:
The sauce sweetener and spicer (and I think - unofficial taster - since I saw her licking her fingers several times!!)
Putting it up in jars:
Now the canner pot goes to work:
Done!! Thirty three quarts of yummy sauce:
All tucked away in the pantry under the stairs to wait for a cold winter morning or a rainy night to put over gingerbread cake:
And what did little Miss do while we were all busy bees? She found some kitchen entertainment as well - ahem - who was supposed to be watching that child - I need to talk to her mother!!!
Well, she had fun and was quiet !!
Applesauce in the winter is well worth the bit of mess!!!


Amy said...

Yummy to my tummy!! That stash looks delicious. You have been mighty busy. I've never canned anything before but you make it look easier than I bet it really is:)

BECKY said...

Wow Christine! You amaze me gal!! Sure wish you were my neighbor! I need someone to spur me along to do cool stuff like this!! Do you have an apple orchard or what? I wanna see!!

And this little bit playing in the cute is that!!?? She had to fin something to do since everyone else had a job!! LOL!!

Thanks for the smiles!!
Love ya,

BECKY said...

Don't you just love that I used the other "flower" I wish I could say it was intentional...NOT!! Old age, I guess!! ACK!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that the taste tester was using her spiffy apron....! Fun, fun!

Cinnamon said...

Isn't it fun and you have everyone in the kitchen. Good for you!!

Yes Granton and Esther have much in common :-)He's started climbing :-0

Miss you~ Cinnamon