Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainy Days

What to do when the weather looks like this?:
Why snuggle up close to this:
With this:
And this (a lovely, warm piece of pumpkin bread):
Which, of course, I did - for about five minutes - then reality struck and it was back to this:
And this:
And this!:
There is lots more rain in the forecast so hopefully I'll get back to that cozy fire sometime soon :)!! Wishing you a snugly Friday!!


Amy said...

We have been having lots of rain too. It is still hot here so we would not be able to sit in front of a fire without burning up! I can back out the van of the garage however and let the kids play in that area to release energy!!

A Gracious Home said...

Your pictures are beautiful. You have a fantastic pantry. The jars are so pretty. Canning is getting to be a lost art. Have a great week. Doylene