Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Somehow I accidentally took a blogging break!! I have just been so busy and the days have just slipped by!! I was really kind of shocked when I visited my own blog and saw the date of my last post - October 26!! Wow!! So - we haven't fallen off the edge of the earth or succumbed to piggy flu - just got carried away with everyday life.

I've been madly creating for Christmas - with my current tool of choice - I will be switching for the sewing machine soon.
And I'd like to take a moment to introduce my new maids that recently joined the family - they specialize in laundry care:
Aren't they fancy?!!! My hubby was at our local hardware store and insisted that I come in and look at these beauties. After wiping the drool off my face I kindly mentioned to my sweetheart that there was NO WAY on God's beautiful green earth could these lovely machines be ours! Then he sweetly pointed out the clearance tag on ONLY these two floor models. They were greatly reduced and all the extra bells and whistles were free and our local power company gives a big rebate because they are efficient!! Wow!! So after a bit of talking and some quick prayer we decided we could swing it. And these lovely ladies came home with us!! Now, no more babysitting the washing machine - no more manually switching to a new cycle - no more worrying that I burned up the motor when I forgot!! I can set the machine and go to bed or leave the house or get involved in a task and know the wash is being washed!!! I can turn on the dryer and know it won't wake the baby with it's squeal or drown out out school time!! What a blessing these machines are to me!!! (And so darned fancy to boot!!!)
On another note: Almost all the car repairs are done!! The van - that fits all of us is fixed - yay!! Now I can actually leave my home to do things like go grocery shopping and go to the library! And our old truck got fixed in just the perfect time to fetch home our new maids!!
So God did provide our needs and I am so grateful!! In this season approaching the holiday set aside for that very purpose I am so thankful for these daily blessings of being able to do laundry and take my kids to the library!!


Cinnamon said...

Wow!! Those are fancy maids!Shiny too :-) I'm thrilled for you to have all those answers to prayer. Praise the Lord~


sister said...

Hooray! You're back! Missed you while you were gone! I love your new maids, so glad for you!

BECKY said...

YIPPEE!!! YAHOO!!! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!! He loves doing stuff like this for His children!! Why do we fret so??? Perfect faithfulness and love!! It just doesn't get any better than that does it, sweet Christine??

Hope your week is just stockpiled with fluffy, clean laundry, and unhindered trips to who knows where!!!

Love to you!!

Amy said...

Glad to see how our Father provides for us just at the right time!!! Love the maids!!! Would love to have front loaders but am thankful to have working ones no matter what:)

Kimberly said...

So very glad to see you back, i thought you might all be down with the flu...congratulations on the providence of God...what wonderful gifts, and definitely needed in a large family...i remember last winter when my washing machine was held together with a prayer and baling wire, and the dryer died during an ice storm...but God is so good and he loves us, even in the little things of life..