Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Miracle (Almost)

All of my life I have be unable to get oatmeal down!! I am not a picky eater but oatmeal... it has... you know...things in it (shiver). Growing up my mom faithfully served nice warm oatmeal several times a week and several times a week I sat and stared at my bowl full of porridge and tried not to gag with every reluctant spoonful. As an adult I suffered guilt as I walked past the oatmeal section knowing I was missing all the fabulous health benefits of the mighty oat!! Being the good mommy that I am I faithfully serve oatmeal to my children and they love it but I still had to turn down their invitations "Have some with us Mommy!!"

One day my sister (who suffers with the same issues) and a friend were discussing this problem when she told us how she cooks oatmeal. One small but very important difference she makes in concocting this dish. Now maybe everyone knows this but I sure didn't and she promised it would make all the difference in my attitude about oatmeal - instead of putting the oats in boiling water like it says on the directions she puts them in cold water and slowly cooks them.

Well I tried it:
And added all the goodies (which, by the way - may have destroyed all the health benefits but makes it oh so yummy!!)

And low and behold...I LOVE it and I am now eating oatmeal several times a week!!
It's (almost) a miracle!! Just ask my mom!!!


Cinnamon said...

I had that same problem with spinach as a child and adult. But I never felt guilty about not eating yucky spinach. Well I now make a Strawberry Spinach smoothie and the kids even line up for it~


Eevee said...

Congrat's! Someone out here in blog world is very proud of you :)

I'm with you, as a little girl I could not eat oatmeal but my mom every morning gave them to me before school with no butter, cinnamon or nothing...Ooooo How cruel lol

Now that I'm older I make oatmeal just the way you prepared yours and MMMMMmmmm Non-healty oatmeal Yummy LOL :)


Rebecca said...

I personally love oatmeal and always have. But we have a son who cannot stand it. So here's my husband's creative way of thinking and motivating...
Matthew (14) has a certain time he is required to be up and out of bed. If he fails to meet his requirements...guess what? He has to make and eat oatmeal for breakfast. Needless to say, there aren't many mornings where he choses to sleep in.

PS. How are the kids feeling?