Monday, November 23, 2009

Daybook Time

For Today...November 23, 2008

Outside my Window...dark grey skies, breezy and spitting rain. We've had so much rain lately!!!

I am Thankful for...this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. What a wise thing our forefathers did instituting this day to encourage us to remember!!!

I am Remembering...last Thanksgiving Day spent with my parents on the wild and rocky Washington Coast.

I am creating...a Thanksgiving Day Feast.

I am try on frames for my new glasses - hopefully today!!!!

I am reading...A Christian novel by Dee Henderson - pretty good and my Bible

I am Hoping...I can get a bunch done on the Christmas gifts I'm making this weekend!! And that I can find the one thing that the craft stores in the area seem to be out of so I can complete the job!!! (I may have family reading :) I can't put in too many details!!)

On my Mind...just my schedule for this week - must make some lists and write some things down!!!

From the Learning rooms...just two days of school this week - formal school that is - Wednesday will be a home ec day :0). Cleaning house and baking.

I am Noticing...Jacob's memory of last year...I love how at four years old he really understands that a holiday is coming. I love watching his excitement build!! On a different subject - I'm also noticing the lovely flock of Junco's that are hanging around our house - winter is here now that these birds are in the neighborhood!!!

I am Pondering these words...God is personal, specific and immediate. My pastor said those words yesterday. What an amazing God we have!!! He created this world and yet knows me!!!

From the Kitchen...Oh my goodness!!! Way too much to I hope to get the rolls and pies made and in the freezer. Simple meals early this week and then Feasting!!!

Around the House...Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning for my Mother-in-law and her husband and possibly other friends on Thursday. Creating small centerpieces for the table and getting out the china!! I can't set the table ahead of time because know...monkey girl!! In fact I'm seriously considering NOT using the china this year.

One of my Favorite things...being hostess!! I love making people feel welcome and comfortable in my home!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Thanksgiving blessings and then making fudge and Christmas candy with the kids on Friday. Christmas gift creating, playing, movie watching and popcorn eating. Lots of wonderful family time!!!!

A picture I am sharing...the last few red leaves clinging to my baby tree near my front door.

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The Cole Family said...

Hello! I am glad to have found your blog! The "Simple Woman's Daybook" is great for meeting new friends. We have 8 children too...we are expecting our 9th in April. I noticed that your kids ages are very similar to ours.

I love being a hostess too. Unfortunately, we don't have any extended family around anymore to have over for holidays. It gets kinda lonely :(

Hope you have a great week!

Cinnamon said...

You are a busy bee! Wish we could see your beautiful home all prettied up. Even with Monkey girl :-)


Seasons of Life said...

I loved reading your blog today...I, too, have an active girl (actually all but one of our children were active ~ God's grace to have one you didn't have to look for or chase after). ;-)

Would love to hear about your Christmas gift making ideas...

Happy Thanksgiving!