Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Down!!!!

It has been very difficult to blog lately. Time has been elusive!! I can't seem to find the time to visit my friends blogs for more that a couple of minutes let alone leave comments. I can hardly get my own chores done during the day. And this is the reason why:

My sweet daughter seems to think she is part monkey!!! I can't turn my back for an instant and she is climbing on something. Some people say she will learn if she falls - not true!! She has fallen so many times and still she climbs. We have taken down the baby gate because she climbs over it (which after seeing her balance on top - seemed far more scary than what the gate was guarding!!)

Not so scary - she's sitting down (for once)

Sorry for the fuzzy picture - didn't have time to focus - she was just way to close to the edge!!
Way scary!!!!
So if I haven't been to your place for a while it's because I'm very, very busy!!! :) And needless to say - I fall into bed in the evening exhausted!! I have NEVER had a climber like this (she even moves chairs or anything else she can to find to get up high!!) . She is going to think her name is Esther-get-down!!! (still crazy about her though - just thinking it will be a miracle if we make it without a trip to the ER with this little one!!)


BECKY said...

Hi Christine! Wow! I would be all eyes if that were my child! My hubby would have had heart failure if any of mine tried these things!! I used to think we were too protective, but we had our sanity! LOL!! Well, maybe not! HA!!! Still probably don't!!

Hope all have recovered from the flu. A couple in my fam have had colds but no flu.

Have a great Wednesday and I'll pray for this little one!! :o)

Love ya,

mommyx12 said...

What a little monkey she is. It's amazing you were able to catch her in the act so many times. Very cute post.

Rebecca said...

How precious...and scary!

Cinnamon said...

Okay now I know Granton and Esther have been web cam-ing each other for new daring climbs :-) He's a climber too. Thankfully we have lots of hands and eyes to keep track of him, most of the time :-)


Amy said...

I have a little monkey too. You should check out my blog post today! My Sarah does the same types of things...counter, island, highchair, pantry, etc.

Marnie said...

From a mama who's youngest is 5...that is ADORABLE!!! I am sure you are very tired at the end of the day, but she will out grow it soon. :D

Kimberly said...

I now know Esther and Alexandra are sisters in spirit, i have been calling her monkey girl for sometime now. The only reason she can't get over the gate and up the stairs, is Ben made it at work out of metal, and it is 4 1/2ft. tall. It is not the most attractive thing in my home(i throw a curtain panel over it) but necessary. When she can climb over it, or unlatch the lock, we'll take it down. You and i are having the same adventure...if you get a chance check Lola's latest..