Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spoke to Soon!

When I said yesterday we had not succumbed to the flu I guess I spoke too soon!! We now have two down although one seems worse than the other.
Aww - so sad!!
But on the plus side my new maid with all these special features has something called a sanitize cycle!! I'd never seen anything like that before but now is my chance to try it out!
On the subject of laundry - I'm just curious - If you had a huge stack of laundry (and I know I can't be the only one :0)!!) and you could have help with only one part would you rather have help with:
1. The washing - sorting, loading up and starting the wash and getting it into the dryer and onto the couch all clean (there has to be more than one person who occasionally has clean laundry on the couch :0)!!! )

2. The folding - all neatly folded and put away.
I am in the midst of a tiny laundry crisis (which is why I'm sitting at the computer - hahaha)! My husband helped me tons with the laundry this weekend (shiny new machine!!!) but now I have lots and lots to fold! I think I may have an opinion on my poll but I don't want to say for fear it sounds like complaining ;-) !!
Well, off to sanitize and fold :0) !!!!
Have a great say!!!


mommyx12 said...

Oh my goodness. Definitely number 2. We have 2 washers and so every time we do laundry we get 2 loads done at once. That is the problem. NOT throwing clothes into the washers and then drying them but having 2 loads finished at once. Then 4, 6, and so on. It adds up in a hurry.

sister said...

Folding, all the way, hands down.

Cinnamon said...

Yes I agree with the others #2. It's easier for me to load, switch and dump them on the couch :-)

Shall we have a folding party at your house? :-)


Hope the kids are feeling better soon~ Cinnamon

Rebecca said...

I don't mind the sorting, washing, drying and's the putting away I detest. And I must say...I'm just a tad bit envious of your new maids.

Hope your kids are feeling better soon. We have 7 and all but one have been sick. It's a blessing they all got sick at the same time, but it is hard to see them so uncomfortable.

Blessings to you and yours.

Rebecca said...

I just noticed you live in Washington...hello neighbor!!!

Amy said...

I agrre with #2 but I also hate when they are not folded properly and I have to go back and redo them. It is mucheasier for me to to #1 as well :) Are these the responses you were expecting??