Monday, September 1, 2008


My Farmor (Father's mother in Swedish)

This weekend we had a surprise. My Dad and Mom came back to town unexpectedly. My Dad had decided it was the right time to finish dealing with my Grandmother's belongings. She went to be with Jesus in June. So it was time for the grandchildren to find some things from her home that we may enjoy. It was a bitter sweet task. My grandmother was raised a Quaker so she had many beautiful things in her home that she never displayed as that would have been vanity. There were some surprises in her cupboards. The sweet part of the weekend was listening to my Dad tell stories about his childhood (some my be tall tales!:0) or my Dad was a very mischievous boy!!). It was also really special to hear stories of my grandmother's childhood that my Dad had grownup hearing. I will share two of the precious things that I now have in my home that will remind me of her.

Years ago my grandparents took a trip to Ireland that they really enjoyed - they picked up several pieces of Beleek china and each of us girls got to pick a piece. This is a tiny creamer (the china is so thin you can practically see through it.)

This my Dad picked out for me (that also makes this very special). It is a child's chocolate set that was given to my Great-aunt in 1903 by their neighbors who had immigrated from Germany (I think their child out-grew it). After that, it was passed to my grandmother who had tea-parties with her daughter and her friends. The real treasure is the hand written note from my grandma telling the story of this set!!

I also was able to pick out a teacup for each of my daughters and for my future daughters-in-law. I really love the idea of being able to give these to my children for their home and say "This was your Great-grandmother's"

During this week-end my husband and I talked about treasures and how the value of things has nothing to do with money but everything to do with the stories that surround them. We talked about how families create treasures - spending time around the table, playing together, and enjoying each other's company. It is so important to do all these things - it builds strong families and wonderful treasures that last for more than just the moment but generations!!


Simply Stork said...

oh what beautiful treasures....I love family history...I am so glad you are treasuring these treasures as an important part of your history with your many times when love ones pass, many things end up at the thrift's all sad really that some of those family stories will end with them...

I'm glad to hear your visit was a good one :o)


Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
I love family treasures and the stories that go with them! I even have a picture in my house of a dog that was not a family treasure within my family but belonged to an older lady who was getting on in her years. She lived in the same senior housing my grandmother lived in. It is a 3 way shot of her favorite dog. It is black and white and in an antique picture frame. It is very old. One day I went to visit this lady with my grandma and I asked this lady about this picture and talked to her about her dog. This must have meant a lot to this lady because when she was getting sicker she told my grandma to be sure to give me that picture because I was interested in her beloved dog. I still have it. To this day I do not know the dogs name...she told me the day we visited and not knowing I would get the picture I do not remember it. I only met this lady 1 or 2 times but I spent time with her and that mattered to her. You are so right when you say that it is not the money but the time and memories that are built that make something special!
I keep the picture because it reminds me that taking the time to be with another person and share time and life stories is valuable...and sometimes we just never know how much!

momoflots said...

Hi Ross',
What a special picture that must be!! I would keep that picture for exactly the same reason. I loved visiting my other Grandma in the nursing home. You know - even though she had alzhiemers and didn't know me any more I would not wish those years away because she still had a job to do - given to her by God - and that was to teach me and my children compassion for those alone and elderly and weary. I love older people because they have so much to offer. Maybe I'll write about that someday.

momoflots said...

Hi Simply,
Wayne and I were talking about just that thing - how so much history ends up in thrift stores - even pictures!!We mused about whether broken homes has made family history less precious in our generation.