Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Things were crazy at my house today and I felt myself heading in the direction of crazy myself so I decided to sneak away and take a quick walk - after all if I have to have teenagers in my home I should make use of them right? I asked them to watch the little ones for me - they quickly agreed - I must have been more cranky than I realized :0)!! So off I went with Esther in the sling. Well, I actually had to put the other little ones back in the house several times and tell them Mommy needed to go alone - big brothers would be watching them -I would only be gone 20 minutes. So after attemping to sneak away I finally got my walk started. I took my camera just for fun to see what might strike my fancy.

I loved the deep blue of these Hydrangas
I was thinking of my friend Kim over at Ross' Country Cottage when I took this picture
I wish they made scratch and sniff photos - this huge pile of cedar chips smelled SO good toasting in the sunshine
Everytime I pass this house when I'm walking I have to laugh. The owners have filled their yard with these unusally shaped trees - there are many differet shapes - I think they mush just LOVE Dr. Suess - these trees are living versions of the ones in his books!!

Yum - these looked so good
And finally a sure sign summer is drawing to a close - the colors looked so pretty against the blue sky!!
I came home from my walk relaxed and much happier - there is something so good about looking outside myself and seeing the world from a different point of view!!


Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there, Boy do us mom's need moments like this to see/do something without any extra busyness and noise! It does not mean we don't have great kids just that our brains need a rest sometimes too! I always tell my girls that when they want a break and some quiet they just go and take it... and us mom's need to do that sometimes also. Before I even read what you wrote I already notice the dandelion and liked it! I love the colors that are popping out for our upcoming fall. Fall is my favorite season!
I am off to bed because I am one tired mamma this evening. My hubby is gone for the night and I have 2 kids wanting to sleep with me! I think I need a walk myself!

Simply Stork said...

what a wonderful walk...I'm so glad you took your camera along...those are my favorite times to get the most wonderful photos.

I love it that you found some time to walk always amazes me that just the rythem of walking and being alone with the Lord and my thoughts...helps me find a new peace that lasts throughout the day :o)