Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For the last few weeks we have been trying to get Esther to take a binkie. In this very busy household it is important for baby to have something to keep her happy for a few minutes while Mommy does a few things (like make meals for the hords that are always asking "What's for dinner?") Also with older kids around baby spends more time in the car seat than she would like. So we invested in several different kinds of very cute, pink binkies with sweet butterflies and hearts and stuff on them. She kept rejecting them with a LOT of protesting, funny faces and fussing!! Well, with our homeschool schedule ramping up Mommy was getting desperate enough to try anything, so I broke down and bought the one binkie that I really did NOT want to give her - and guess what?!! She loves it!!! It has got to be the weirdest looking binkie I have ever seen!! She likes it so that's all that matters right now. But I secretly still wish she would like the cute, pink ones with butterflies on them :0)!!! Just a cute note: my 5 year old daughter calls pacifiers "suckifiers". I guess that makes more sense to her.

The collection of cute, pink binkies Mommy likes:
The weird green binkies that baby likes:

She LIKES it - even if she does look funny with a big green thing in her mouth - not really - she looks cute ALL the time :0)!!
P.S. Hi, Papa and Grandma, I know you're peeking :0)


Heather said...

That is so funny. My little niece liked this exact same paci, and God help you if you lost that thing. Luckily the hospital where I work had lots of extras, and they gave me a couple of spares to give to my (exhausted) sister.

I wonder what it is about this one. I'm like you, I like the cute little pink ones much better. But if it works...

momoflots said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for visiting!!! Oddly enough I found these binkies at the grocery store!! I had always seen them before with babies who'd been in the hospital. They do work!!!

Ross' Cottage said...

You little gal makes this green binky look cute afterall! And yeah it works! These little ones already have the ability to know what they like and if it is the wrong pacifier they will give it back! Smarter then we think for sure! She is precious and I can't wait to give her a hug and a cuddle! My youngest is on the mend and should be fine for school. Still a bit weak though but getting better each hour..Thankyou Jesus! See you soon
blessings to you and your family...are we all ready to hit the road running for another year? I think so!

Simply Stork said...

what??? you mean your not her binki (lol)

I too can not wait to meet this little one...I'm so excited about getting to on thursday!


dddiva said...

I stumbled over here and just wanted to comment on how beautiful the baby is and how much I am enjoying your pictures- and yes, I especially love the dandilion. What can I say, if that's not a living example of coming back stronger and better than ever after adversity I don't know what is.
I hope your bread tasted as wonderful as it looked.

Maren said...

I'm so happy to have found you! I have 7 too, but I'm not going for eight. My number 6 is disabled, and I had just enough faith to get pregnant once more. # 7 is the joy of our life. Sorry about the binkie. NONE of my babies ever took one, and they all had colic. Hmmm. WHY did have 7?:) I'd love for you to see my blog!