Thursday, September 11, 2008

Love Notes

Have you ever wanted God to write on the wall to you like He did in the Old Testament story? I sure have. It would make life so much easier if He answered my prayers that way!! Well, God did that for me today!! In the haze of postpartum hormones the last few weeks I asked Him to help me deal with the anxiety and depression that I experience after that babies are born. Today He wrote me a love note on the wall of hope, promise and encouragement. It was such a pretty note that I took a picture of it to share:

I know this beautiful spectrum was from a wandering sunbeam that snuck in my living room window but I also know these wonderful colors were created by God and I believe He wanted to share them with me to cheer my day - He's that kind of God!!! He loves me that much!! Amazing!!! I hope your Friday will be filled with special love notes from God as well!!


Simply Stork said...

how wonderful!!! I know how hard post-partom can be...I am glad you have found beauity in the colors of from the sun...or shall I say son :o)


Ross' Cottage said...

I am so glad you can glean from God's message to you. Post partum can be so hard but I know you are doing a great job of it (even if it does not "feel" that way!) I will be praying for you and also look forward to seeing you soon! Our car is still broke down so it looks like my first visit with Ester will be at school this year. I hope to get to give her some sweet cuddles soon!