Monday, September 15, 2008

The Fruit Stand

We went to the fruit stand this weekend. I know that may sound like a strange outing but it is sorta like Disneyland to my kids!! Seriously!! I think that they would like it if they got left behind there!! They love looking at all the fruits and veggies and they beg like kids at a candy store for all the goodies. (Have you ever heard a kid say "PLEASE MOMMY, BUY SOME BEETS!!!!") I confess that the fruit stand is one of my favorite places as well. I love the smells and the colors and the atmosphere. I also feel so good about getting things that are so healthy and tasty. Our stand publishes a newsletter that has great recipes that I look forward to every month. It is a sad day at the end of October when our stand closes for the winter and I count the days until March arrives and it opens again. Until then I will be enjoying all the unusual squashes and cabbages and BEETS that we will have from our local fruit stand.


Simply Stork said...

ohhh I hear ya...I'm not sure who has more fun when we go to the fruit kids or my husband (lol)


dayz in and dayz out... said...

Love the honey bear! The colors are bright and the fruit is beautiful!
It was great to see you in person. Thanks for taking a moment to chat on such a busy day for us all. I look forward to just sitting and jsut a few weeks. Over school work, children, and coffee.