Thursday, September 4, 2008


Some days my home seems really crazy - I begin to think I am living with a bunch of monkeys. Then I look outside....

and it's proven!!:0)


Ross' Cottage said...

Your monkeys are adorable! I find a little bit of pitch and dirty clothes come together to make strong, smiley kids!
My kids have proven themselves to be , at times, monkeys...and at other times ...pigs...(I mean this sweetly as they love to have a good play time in a good old fashioned mud puddle!) I even get bears during the summer as they eat every edible berry they can find while playing outside....I guess I live in an zoo! A happy zoo!

momoflots said...

All those same creatures exisit in my family as well :0) - I suspect if I went into my teenage boys room instead of just standing in the doorway a whole different creature would be named in our home - I'm just not brave enough to go in there :0)!!!

Simply Stork said...

How funny ladies...I too have a zoo...and we won't talk about the smell commin' out of our boy's room :o)(LOL)

love the pics of the kids in the trees :o) those monkeys look like they are having so much fun...I can almost hear the "chatter" from here :o)