Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriot Day

Our President has issued a proclamation that today September 11, 2008 and every September 11 from now on be Patriot Day in memory of the horrible happenings of that day in 2001 and the sacrifice of those who rushed to the aid of the innocent victims. We are to fly our flags at half mast (even those of us at home).

In remembering this tragedy and the heroic deeds of so many I am reminded that my own life is only what it is because of the amazing sacrifice of One who lived many years before me and yet I have the privilege of knowing Him personally right now. I pray today that the peace of my Savior and Lord will fill the survivors and families of the victims and that they also will know Jesus and be saved by His ultimate sacrifice.

(you can find the president's proclamation on the White House web page)

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Simply Stork said...

wonderful job of remembering :o)