Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today I....

The clouds have returned and Fall is in the air. Time for me to crank up the oven and start baking again. During the summer time not many baked goods come out of my oven - to busy playing outside (or this summer - having babies!!). Today I baked bread - my all time favorite thing to bake!! There is something so soothing about kneading bread dough and the smell of rising yeast is so yummy. One of my Big boys came in and said Fall had definitely arrived because it was cloudy and chilly outside and the indoors smelled like bread. Welcome Autumn.


Ross' Cottage said...

I want a piece of this bread right now! It looks so good. It is soup and homemade bread weather for sure! I love fall...It is peaceful to me ...Missing you! see you soon!

Ross' Cottage said...

PS mY grandma baked bread for 8 kids using a big bowl and many many bread pans. I now have her pans and big bowl and I still bake in those bread pans! grandma did 12 loaves at a time 2 times a week...and also added in cinnamon rolls...7 of her children were boys so they ate every crumb! those pans are special to me.

Simply Stork said...

yup...fall is in the air...I got up early today too to make us some cinnimon rolls but we are out of butter...grrrr

so I made scones instead...they are more like biscuts but still good on a fall morning like this one :o)

it's almost time for school :o) can't wait to see you :o)

ps I love ross-e's story of her grandmothers bread pans...way too cool!

momoflots said...

Hi Ross",
What special thing to have from you Grandma!! Those are the kinds of things I just love to have in my home as well. They make doing things like bake all the more pleasant!! See you soon!!

momoflots said...

Hi Simply,
Scones are really yummy, to!! My hubby makes really good scones!! I'm really excited to see all of you - next week!!! (I did see Lenny last week :0) Have a great day!!