Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Time

With the return of good weather in our area we decided to take a trip to the beach (one of our favorite places!!) The time for a warm trip without the need for rain gear is quickly running out so it's important to take advantage of every sunny moment right now!!

First things first - shoes OFF!!
Hunting for treasures (or animals) - one of the best parts of a beach trip!!

The beach is such a facinating place!!

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place - God created so much amazing beauty everywhere. I'm not a very traveled person so I guess I can't say for sure but I do believe we live in on of the most wonderous places on earth!! Every time I go to the beach and look at the sea anemones, urchins, sea stars and baby crabs I am amazed at God's creativity. We could go to the beach WAY more often than we do and never be bored!!


Simply Stork said...

oh yes...I do agree with you! The beach is one of the best places on earth :o)

I'm so glad we live so close to so many neat beaches...:o)

(great pics!)


Ross' Cottage said...

I always feel the same way, that we do live in a great area with so many options to enjoy...you go west you can catch a beach you go east you can climb a mountain and eventually get to a dryer climate on the other side. You go North you can get to another country and also some wonderful islands. If you go South you can view a volcano. So much to see wrap in an area.

Some of the best "treasures" my kids can ever find come from beaches!