Friday, August 29, 2008

Moving up

In our family the kids have unintentionally been divided in three groups - the Bigs, the Mediums and the Littles. Recently one of our sons declared himself a Medium instead of a Little. You see, he had a birthday. As we celebrated with him I once again found myself contemplating the gift of each of these wonderful young people God put into our family. What an amazing task to raise these people to follow God and to become people after His own Heart. I am so glad this is a job we don't have to do alone - God gave us this job but He is always there to guide us.

Cake and Ice Cream - the best way to celebrate!!
Legos theme for a Lego crazed boy
Yahoo - more things to build!!
Happy birthday, sweetie. Mom and Dad love you - you are the best!!


Ross' Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to you special guy!

These children God has placed into our care are so special! I love the smile on your guy's face!
I also love his cake! I enjoy baking special cakes for my girls! Yours turned out so cute!

(I am still down a car but if we get it fixed I will call you and let you know. We are baffled to why it won't start...tried all the usuall...spark plugs, fuel check,timing belt.. luck)

Simply Stork said...

oh it's hard to see the littles become mediums...because then you know they are all on the way to being bigs...and to declare it himself...he might be bigger than we all thought! Well my medium says "hello" to your medium(x-man) and he can't wait to see his friend at school again :o)

were in count down mode over here.


Simply Stork said...

oh and happy birthday :)


Heather said...

I love the Lego cake!

My "Big" one (age 10) loves Legos, and has since he was 3. And now his "little" brother is following in his footsteps.