Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Baby Stuff

While I have been ordered to lay around and be pampered my hubby has been Mr. Mom. He's awesome. The laundry is caught up :0)!!!
And he's even been doing this: This object hadn't seen the light of day for awhile!!
I am so thankful for all his hard work.

Here's another sweet Esther picture
To prove we do have teens in the house:
Big sis really likes little sis
More big teen brothers:
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Simply Stork said...

WoW! to be caught up on the that is a blessing :o) What a great guy.

Love the pics :o)

Have a great weekend :o)


Simply Stork said...

hello again :o)

I am back to look at the pics of your adorible little one :o)

(zana said hello)


Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
Ok so is that what I need to do to catch up on my laundry...have another baby? Hummm makes one think! I am still praying for God to show his hand in this area if it is His will...(You know what I mean...) Yeah for hubby for really caring enough to give you a hand! I love the pictures of the boys holding the baby...also of your daughter holding her! It is very sweet to see them with their new baby sister!
It is 11:36 pm so I am going to say...good night and maybe I will catch up on some blogging this week. Oh yeah "H" is so excited about this new little one and has been telling everyone who does not even know you about her!