Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today begins the 20 day countdown until my due date (not that due dates mean much!!!) I am beginning to feel nesty. My husband assures me that the house is not very messy at all but I just see stuff that must be done everywhere. We are starting to get stuff out and getting together the things we need for a new little one. After all these years of having babies one thing we have learned is that babies don't really need as much as Babies R Us says they do. They don't really care if the are changed on a fancy table or on Mommy's bed. Just as long is Mommy and Daddy are close!!:0)

A sweet friend made these darling socks for baby and gave them to me last week.
Aren't they cute?!!!
I bought these last week also - just getting in the mood!!
Don't know if baby is a boy or girl so I got both.
Have a wonderful and blessed day!!


Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there! You are on the final countdown..time has gone so fast! Easy for me to say...I have not had a baby sitting on my bladder for over 8 months! If you are up for a visit before the big event I would love to have you for lunch..maybe next week? Or later this week? I agree so much with what you said about babies not needing as much as most people think they do. They do not care about a big fancy new nursery with a new crib and fancy bedding and curtains. They just need their momma and daddy to love them and care for them and beyond that everything just falls into place!
A boy or a girl ...I wonder just who this new little person is going to be? God already knows the answer to this mystery and has a plan for this little one. How cool is that! Thinking of you....

Simply Stork said...

I agree with ross-e...we still use our bed :o) funny how those things arn't as important when you have multiple children...and you are right...the only thing that matters most is mommy and daddy close at hand....

I can not believe how fast that went...I can't wait to see you all :o)