Monday, August 11, 2008

Laundry time

Since my hubby got my Mt. Neverrest Laundry pile under control we are attempting to restart my laundry schedule. Laundry is normally my least favorite chore - mainly because I am always behind and the job is never really done (although my schedule helps incredibly). During the summertime I actually enjoy laundry time. The secret is my clothesline. There is something so neat about hanging out freshly washed clothes and then gathering them and folding them outside - all sweet smelling and toasty warm from the sun. An added bonus to line drying clothes is all natural stain and germ remover and lower energy bills (something everyone probably appreciates about now!!)

Ready for the line.
This clothes line looks lonely

My view while I hang the clothes

Time for the sun to do its job.
I had planned to take a picture of my laundry basket all full of sweet, clean folded clothes but these pictures were taken the day I decided to have a baby - so these clothes actually stayed on the line an extended amount of time :0). So this is my secret for enjoying laundry in the summertime - now if there was something for winter laundry....


Simply Stork said...

this all sounds great to me...I have a rope strung across my porch for the blanket really helps keep the laundry moving along :o)

ps...I have a friend who actually likes to do laundry???? she's a little crazy :o)


momoflots said...

I don't think I've ever met anyone who loves to do laundry. Those kind of people must be very rare:0)
Hanging clothes is actually rather relaxing cause I do it in the morning and the kids aren't bored yet so it's usually pretty quiet - sometimes I can even hear the birds singing:0)

momoflots said...

P.S. You are getting up really early these days!! I've been sleeping in lately - Essie is waking about three times a night - I like waking with her though - there is something special about those nighttime nursings with the nightlight on and it so quiet in the house.

Ross' Cottage said...

I love drying my laundry outside! I feel like I am helping our income by not spending extra money that does not need to be spent. Your line looks so nice...I tend to overfill mine!