Thursday, August 14, 2008


While Daddy and baby were taking a nap this afternoon (they look so cute snoozing away) I decided to take a walk through my garden and look what I found!!:

Romano and French filet beans, pickling and slicer cucumbers and a yellow zucchini
and about fifteen baby sugar pumpkins (yum!!)

No we didn't find her in the cabbage patch - I just have a hard time resisting putting up pictures of her. I also know there are Grandma's and Poppa's lurking around here waiting for photos of sweet pea to show up - Hi, Grandma and Poppa - can't wait to meet you :0) Anyway back to the garden subject - it is a delight to go outside and pick produce for my family. I know nothing has been sprayed on these veggies and I know they are incredibly fresh. God has blessed me so much to be able to have this bit of land to garden. When I go out there this time of year I often wonder what Eden looked like - incredible I'm quite sure!!!


Ross' Cottage said...

These garden items look so gooood! I love fresh garden food!
Your little gal is also cute! Your garden has done great this year! Will you be making any pickles this year. I have a couple jars left from last year. I made bread and butter husband loves them!
I am hoping to get by for a visit with in these next 2 weeks! Don't let her grow too much before I come!

momoflots said...

Hi Ross',
I haven't made pickles in a while although I would love to - they are fun to make. I have only a couple of pickling cuke vines this year - just enough to eat fresh. I love the taste of fresh pickling cukes. I would have to go to the veggie field in Snohomish and pick enough for pickles. We'll see if it is something I can fit in this year. I can't wait till you can visit. It will be so fun!! Have a great trip over the pass with your littlest!!!

Simply Stork said...

oh I wish we had enough sun for a garden...too many trees :o(

looks yummy~