Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Look at these summertime feet!!! Yuck!!! I don't know WHAT they do to get them so icky every day. These toes get scrubbed every night before bed.

Little kid feet - ewwwwww!!
Tweenager feet - not so dirty - cute shoes!!
Mommy feet - must have pretty toes
The cutest feet of all!! Aren't they sweet?


Ross' Cottage said...

I love these feet pictures! As I looked at them I realized I let "H" go to bed without washing hers! The baby's feet look so precious. Thinking of you!

PS Your hanging flowers are beautiful!

Simply Stork said...

oh my what crazy dirty feet...The stork boys have a "dirty feet contest" every year during our "stork" camp out...it is the most disgusting thing ever....ewwwwww!

(the baby feet are way too cute :o)