Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hot Day

What do people do on record hot days in the Pacific Northwest? Make mud puddles, of course. Doesn't everyone? I wonder who is going to wash up these children and their swim suits (or mud suits, in this case)?


Simply Stork said...


the more the mud the more the fun :o)

looks like a blast!...and sooooo did you get slimed in the process???

and what??? no little baby mud prints??? cummon!!!


momoflots said...

Hi Simply,
This might explain the yucky feet!!
I bet you are going to spend the next couple of days in the lake!!

Simply Stork said...

hello again :o)

we have lived at the lake the last couple of days...although my children think a mud puddle would be just as fun to them (lol)

silly storks


Ross' Cottage said...

Good for you guys! I love this post! We have done this at our house and I do not just mean one time! I have found that mud goes a long way in the happy heart of a child! Even my oldest loves to squish her feet in mucky muddy sand, it brings pure smiles to her face and fun memories..and she is nearly 18!

Ross' Cottage said...

My youngest just walked by and saw this picture of the kids in the mud and said "ohhh...I want us to do can we do that!" I tell you a little mud does make happy kids!!!