Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Spots

Today I am stealing an idea from my friend Simplystork. Last week she wrote about her spot in her kitchen where she does almost all her meals for her family. It made me think about the places in my home that are my "spots". I mainly have two spots that the family recognizes as "my" places. The first one is my place in the kitchen where I do all the meal preparations for my family. It is the perfect place for several reasons:

It's an open, cheerful space.
Lots of room for helpers and bouncy seats Everything is only a couple of steps away - on the counter
or up in the cupboard.
This is my other spot - this cozy corner of the couch. It's a bright, sunny place that's perfect for nursing babies - doing devotions, reading or knitting (and I admit - some TV watching - although less and less of that lately.)
Looking at these pictures I noticed that I like corners - maybe cause they're cozy. I have one other special place that is new to me - my bedroom. That story is for another day - but I will say it is a place I love to go to relax and rest. So these are my spots - maybe it's habit or routine to go to these places but they are comfortable, cheerful and home for me.


Simply Stork said...

I love the cozy corners too :o)

thank you for showin' us your "spots"

(look at the little one in the bouncy seat...so cute)


ps...tell us...what is in the coffee mug??

momoflots said...

Usually I have coffee in my Winnie the Pooh mug - but it was really hot the day I took these pictures so it was water with lots of ice.

Simply Stork said...

that's usually when I dump it onto ice...but we all know how nursing went on my end (lol)

are you just loving our warm weather at last...(ok except for yesterday?)


momoflots said...

I am a sunshine junkie!!! With post partum stuff going on sun is a definate plus!!! I also love my coffee iced - but I only have about 5 coffee beans in the house. A trip to Costco has seemed on the overwhelming side the last couple of weeks :0). Please pray for me - (of course) post partum presents as anxiety - my sweetie has a difficult time understanding post partum issues. Seems weird to him - when there is so much to be happy about. I agree - seems crazy - but it is real:0).

oneofthe8 said...

hi can you geuss who this is look at my name i think you will geuss

love ???? : )

Ross' Cottage said...

I love corners also! Something cozy about them. I had an old old 2nd hand rocker recliner to nurse my last to babies in..it was very 70's ish but it was my spot to nurse my babies in. We got rid of it several years ago. It really was beat up but I still sort of loved it...if that makes any sense. I need to work on having a current spot for myself in my house right now..it is one of my current burdons..I just can not seem to settle into a spot and feel like it is mine and peacefully inviting to me. I love your spot by the window..I am a window person!