Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, it's a New Year. The holidays are coming to a close. I am beginning to be ready to take down the tree and pack up my Christmas pretties and start our regular routine again. We have a couple more days of precious family time and then it's back to school and chores and daily life. I love both - the routine of regular days and the busyness of the holidays!!!

One funny thing though, is that I feel a little lost without a project that I must complete. My hands are empty of a craft at the moment. Well, not really - I have a blanket I'm working on and lots of ideas roaming around in my head for all the new yarn my sister blessed me with as a Christmas gift (what an awesome gift, too!!!!). But, I don't have anything with a deadline or some special secret I'm working on. I am enjoying getting back to my blanket and being able to work out in the open - but those secrets are so much fun to do!!!

Now I can share what I have been spending my time on - as all those peeping eyes now know what all the things hiding in my closet are. So here goes:

All the kids got pillowcases: One flannel one with fun pictures that reminded me of them
And one fancy one with their favorite colors or activity on them.
I made my hubby a new journal with a nice new pen (oops - got the picture sideways - I can't seem to figure out how to fix it now that it is on here - sorry about that :0)

And for my sisters whose names I drew I did a theme gift this year. The theme was WARMTH. So, I crocheted warm scarves for each of them. Then I made rice bags scented with lavender and some homemade lavender bath salts in very old canning jars. Each little gift came with a poem about being warm and cozy. This was a really fun gift to make!!! I loved every minute of it and spent a lot of time trying to match the style of scarf and fabric for their rice bag to their personality.
For my Parents-in-laws I made tiny picnic baskets filled with pictures of picnic foods and a poem telling them that as soon as the weather is warm we will be taking them on a picnic to the zoo. I think that will be a fun thing for each of them to look forward to.
It was fun making all these things and now it's time to get my hands busy with new things. New Year - new projects!!!
Happy New year to everyone!!!


Cinnamon said...

How talented you are. It all looks so fun!

Ross' Cottage said...

Hi there,
I love your gift ideas! I would love to see the tiny pic nic baskets...I love the idea of them.
I gave the men of the family each a certificate for a homemade dessert of their choice. To be used in January when all of the holiday desserts have gone and they want something sweet to eat. This one went over well with them!
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. I enjoyed the beauty of the snow. I am glad to hear you loved the yarn your sister got you. It was a great idea for a gift. We should all do some brainstorming and come up with some ideas we can share to help each other out with gits next year! You never know what will click with someone and be a great idea for them to use.
Well soon enough we will all be at the center enjoying our visits...see you then!

Simply Stork said...

oh how wonderful your gifts turned out :o) so special :o)

I heard about your gift from your sister and I have been dying to see how the bag turned out :o) Please oh please bring it to school and show us :o) (she was quite the slinker when she bought all that yarn at the school carnival...thank goodness you didn't have your checkbook that day or you would have got them for yourself and the gift would not have been so cool??? whew!!! :o)

Great job to sister! :o)

I can not wait to see you all!!!

many blessings,