Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daybook Time

A day late cause I had birthday business to put up yesterday!!

FOR TODAY January 20, 2009...

Outside my window... bright sunshine on frosty grass - very sparkly and pretty!!!

I am thinking...about chickens and the new chicken coop we're planning - brainstorming about where we can get some recycled building materials

I am thankful for...a God who is in charge in spite of big changes that are out of the control of ordinary people

From the learning rooms...continuing our unit on the War of 1812 and amphibians - we're reading Justin Morgan had a Horse

From the kitchen...smoothies with homemade yogurt, strawberries picked last summer, bananas, spinach and orange juice

I am wearing...Skirt and warm stretchy green shirt and newer slippers

I am creating...crocheting my first thread doily!! Really fun!

I am going...to take one of my boys to church for Bible study with his youth pastor

I am reading...a library book - can't remember the name of it - it's okay - clean - just something to read before I sleep at night

I am hoping...the change in the White House doesn't cause too much change :0) I'm not one for change - I like things to stay the same

I am hearing...Baby girl fussing - she's waking up from her nap

Around the house...There are toys all over the living room - the little ones are playing kitchen - I have eaten tons of play food this morning :0)!!

One of my favorite things...the kids all playing pretend together - I love listening in - they say the funniest things and I just LOVE kid giggles!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...just a regular week - with the regular running around - I like regular weeks

Here is picture thought I am sharing: The kids got out their paints and spent the afternoon painting up a storm - my refrigerator is decorated with new pictures and Daddy's office has new artwork adorning the walls

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1 comment:

Cinnamon said...

What a cute peek into your home and life.

How funny that Granton and Sweet Esther "eat" the same things. Granton had a red bell pepper too :-) Our family devours them.

I also found a recipe for Ginger/Cinnamon Teething Biscuits but I wanted to try the bland biscuits first.

This is also early for us to be feeding Granton. But like you said about Esther, he also grabs everything and tries to eat it.

It's been fun watching them both grow up~