Friday, January 16, 2009


I love seed catalogs!! I hate seed catalogs!! Actually, I really love them but they start arriving in my mailbox right after Christmas. And they are so beautiful with their colorful pictures of veggies and flowers. This is the problem - if I read them too soon then winter seems way too long - so I hang on to them until the gray rainy weather is just about to make me bananas. Then I dig in and read about Kentucky Wonder vs. Blue Lake Pole beans, Cherry Belle radishes and Amish Paste Tomatoes. I get out my graph paper and draw diagrams and make lists and in my dreams my garden provides all our needs for a family of ten for an entire year. I love it!! Oh the temptation!!! I can't read them yet. Spring is still too far off - and my favorite catalog came this week! Well, I did give in and read a little bit of my favorite. I didn't read the seed part - just the chicken part. My sweetie has said that we are fixing up our chicken coop which has sadly been empty for a time after a very naughty raccoon demolished our flock. So I have been reading about Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds and Jersey Giants and dreaming about chickens and ducks the last few days!! A little while longer and I can read all the rest.
Do you think she might be teething? :0) Have a great weekend!


nbalike said...
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nbalike said...
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Cinnamon said...

I love the new pictures of the kids. Where's the picture of you and hubby? :-)

I'm in total agreement with you on the planning the garden. That's my favorite part. I also love working on it with my husband and the kids. Good ol' fashion family time!