Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lego Man

Sam loves his Lego's - this is where I will find him most days - sitting on the floor creating something. He's the chief mechanic and I'm on standby - ready with my longer (unchewed) nails to pry apart little blocks. The trick will be when sweet baby girl gets on the move and all these tiny toys must be kept out of her reach!!! Until then the floor is all his!!!
His latest creations - maybe he'll work on real airplanes someday (that industry is practically in our backyard)
Until he grows up this is the perfect occupation for a 9 year old!!!


Simply Stork said...

wow! those are some airplains...they do look like real ones...our 10 year old has recently pulled his out now that our little one is finally old enough not to choke on the pieces!


Cinnamon said...

Very cute~ yes I had forgotten that Granton will be crawling among all that soon~ He is sitting up, but he just started. He still falls over so I have to stand close but he can sit up without any support for a while.

Isn't it fun :-)